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Plocher® Coasters for food



Often, the food you buy at the market or the store, whether its organic or not, has been transported over long distances and stored in less than optimal conditions. Then, we cook, refrigerate or freeze the food. All those actions contributes to alter its vitality and quality.

The Plocher® Coasters:

  • Invigorates food and restores its vitality,
  • Reinforces its tastes,
  • Enhances its conservation capacity,
  • Facilitates its digestion.

Are you concerned by the quality of the food you and your family eat? Certainly, no one wants to eat food that has lost some of its taste and vitality. These amazing coasters are a great investment! You can let fruits ripen on it, serve meals on it, etc. Their effectiveness is really appreciated. In addition, they are beneficial for people with fragile health.

Only Plocher® could figure out how to impregnate little wooden boards so that they emit frequencies that improve the taste and vitality of food. This is natural high-tech! Always look for Plocher® logo for guaranteed effectiveness for many years.

You can also purchase the Plocher® Board for food and, to vitalize your drinks, we suggest the Plocher® Board for beverages.