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Plocher® Board for beverages



Plocher® Beverage Board regenerates and revitalizes all types of drinks (water, juice, wine, coffee, etc. – except milk and beer as their properties are more like food’s than drinks’). Acting like a decanter, it oxygenates the beverages. With this Board: Tastes of beverages are reinforced, Their acidity and hardness are reduced, Their vitality is increased. Are you concerned by the quality of the food and drinks you consume? In only a couple of minutes, the quality of the drinks you put on your Board will be greatly improved. Only Plocher® could figure out how to impregnate little wooden boards so that they emit frequencies that improve the taste and vitality of food. This is natural high-tech! Always look for Plocher® logo for guaranteed effectiveness for many years. To vitalize your food, you can get the Plocher® Board for food and the Plocher® Coasters for food.