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Plocher K - 22 lbs

AK 1551


With the application of Plocher K, manure and compost enter in an aerobic decomposition process, promoting favourable microbe development, which are present everywhere in the environment, facilitating their work of transforming manure and compost. Thus, Plocher K:

  • Reduces nauseous odours
  • Favours beneficial microbes
  • Contributes to the increasing and fixing of the fertilizing value
  • Is beneficial for soils
  • Brings a hygiene that discourages growth of flies and larva*
* Pathogenic germs, flies and larva reduction following the use of Plocher K is due to a bioremediation process of the environment. Plocher K has no vermicidal, pesticidal nor bacterial action.


« "I've been using Plocher K for a couple of years and I wouldn't do without it. It really works: There is less ammonia evaporating from the manure, thus there is less flies and it smells a lot less. The bedding also lasts longer when I apply Plocher K each week. And I've tried two other similar products, offered by other companies, one from Switzerland, but they weren't as effective, so I came back to the original, to Plocher. I hope many more young and experienced farmers get the chance to experience this product." » - A. S. Goat milk producer, St.Bernardin (Ontario) « "I've been using Plocher K in my sheepfold for a few months. I noticed an enormous difference when cleaning, it's much easier, and by far! A day and night difference, I wouldn't go without Plocher K anymore!" » - F. B. Sheep breeder, Inverness (Quebec) « I saw your ad in the Terre de Chez Nous (Weekly agricultural newspaper in Quebec), and I agree with the testimonial of the producer who links the use of Plocher with the absence of mastitis problems. When we use Plocher K to treat manure, we forget the daily benefits, but as the years go by, we realize what problems we don’t have anymore… Only 10 minutes per week and it’s done! We wouldn’t do without it!" » - R.B., Dairy farmer - Saint-Simon-les-Mines