Plocher Vital Soil

Plocher® Vital Soil

With Plocher Vital Soil –Soil Activator & Humus Builder:

  • Beneficial microbial activity in soil increased
  • Root mass is bigger and there are more root hairs to better feed the plant
  • Soils better manage water and plants support weather variations more easily
  • Soils smells mores like forest compost instead of smelling like basement mildew
  • Soil structure is improved
  • Harvest are of better quality and often more abundant


On the left, with Plocher® Vital Soil, there are more root hairs









  • Activates the soil's microbial and macrobial life.
  • Favours surface composting (activated soil better digests weed seeds and undesirable microbial spores)
  • Oxygenates the soil
  • Facilitates the growth of roots, rootlets and mycorhizas.
  • Improves soil structure, thus surface drainage is improved


To obtain quality soil apply the three products, mixed together, in the spring and in the fall according to the following dosages:

Maintenance Dose Intensive Dose

   Zone 1 : 300 g/ha

  Zone 1 : 500 g/ha
   Zone 2 : 300 ml/ha   Zone 2 : 500 ml/ha
   Zone 3 : 300 g/ha   Zone 3 : 500 g/ha

Maintenance Dose: when the soil is full of life, without pesticides and herbicides

Intensive Dose: for contaminated fields or with few life in it. 

Directions for use

By spraying : mix with water then spray.

The mixture can also be poured into slurry before spreading (don’t leave the product in the slurry for more than one week).


Apply twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.  It is recommended to apply the products in the evening.  Can be sprayed before rainfall.

For very poor soil or in the case of a root stress, a flood of after a drought, it may be beneficial to make an additional application during the growing season.



This product is designed to enhance soil quality and efficiency.  Even though we often see increased harvests, it does not replace good soil management and fertilization, including the appropriate provision of trace elements.  Repeated treatments over several years have brought the best results.