Newsletter Spring No1-2019


Mr. Bernardin in a cauliflower field at Ferme Les Jardins du Suroît 2000
at Côteau-du-Lac Québec, summer 2018, where Mr. Patrick Bibeau observed
that thanks to the application of Plocher®Vital Soil he doesn’t have to applied
minor elements witch he does normally.

In this issue:
    •    This season requires Plocher® products
    •    Breakthrough finding with Plocher® treatment of bovine slurry
    •    We moved
This season requires Plocher® Products!!!
With this late and rainy Spring, soils are slow to warm up and still too wet in many places. Beneficial microbes that needs warmth and oxygen will thank you for the application of Plocher® Vital Soil (AK7071).  It’s strength in activating beneficial soil microbes and it’s harmonious and beneficial oxygenation make this product the “hero” for this season. Nutrient availability and better soil hygiene will be a great advantage for your season.

When we have a shorter spring:
Plocher® P Plants (AP3071)
Accelerate and optimize plant growth.

Risks, stress and unpredictable weather:

Plocher®P Plant-Combo (AP3752)
Activates foliar activity and self-defense actions of plants.

When there a risk of non-emergence of the seeds:

Treat your seeds with Plocher® P Dolomite. Our study in 2013 by Fugère Augustin PhD.  on nine farms with 9 seed varieties showed a survival rate increased by 12% to 19%. A great gain with small costs.
For more information’s call us.

Mr. Bernardin with Mrs.Victoire Palardy of the Ferme Michel et Victoire Palardy.
Mrs. Palardy reveals to Mr. Bernardin that since she treats her transplants
with Plocher® products she has more success and better comments
of her clients that buys at her stand at Jean-Talon market in Montréal.

Breakthrough finding with the treatment of bovine slurry with Plocher® H:
M. Michel Berthet, one of our independent counsellors, noticed that our clients that treat their slurry with Plocher®H need to buy less non soluble protein supplements for their cows than farmers who do not treat their slurry with Plocher ® H.
More information to come!

We moved:

Symbionature Canada moved to its new location at the end of December 2018. We are now in Magog, Québec. Our new office is more modern and only 400 meters from highway 10.
Come and see us!

1690, Merry street North suite 104, Magog, Québec

Have a great season!
And don't forget that we are here to help you.

Michael Bernardin
President and Technical Director

Symbionature was born from a vision in which agriculture feeds people with radiant, healthy food without contributing to the deterioration of the environment and the health of consumers and producers.

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