Soothing Scarf

Plocher® Soothing Scarf

While on a family ski-trip, I pulled a muscle in the back of my leg. After 24 hours with the Plocher® Soothing Scarf wrapped around my leg, I was able to ski again with my children." E.B. Berlchertown (Massachusetts) 

"When I put the Plocher® Soothing Scarf around my shoulders, I can feel a gentle relaxing sensation." M.A. Sherbrooke (Quebec)

"I fall asleep so much easier when I put the Plocher® Soothing Scarf on my pillow." L.D. Rock Forest (Quebec) 

Product # HA-8713 

Material: 100% natural silk

Colour: Off-white, can be dyed

Size: 33'' x 33''

N.B. This scarf can only be purchased through our Canadian Website

The Plocher® Soothing Scarf helps to free blockages in the body, thus helping energy to flow more easily.

For example, when the scarf is placed on the pillow, users experience better sleep and relaxation of the neck and shoulder regions. When placed over wounds or bruises, users say they experience pain relief.

To give the scarf these properties, Plocher has isolated naturally relaxing frequencies present in nature that help improve the body’s energy flow. These frequencies have been permanently implanted in the fibers of the scarf to confer it a soothing effect.

Action: Calming, relaxing and structuring action. The scarf works on the energy level.

Use: Can be applied to all body parts. Wear it tied, rolled, or any way you want.

Application time length depends on the user.

Care: Wash as you would any quality silk product. The Plocher effect is permanent and laundering will not affect it.